Actually, I am going to move to another country around July I assume
I really need to use products up I’ve purchased previously so that I can buy new beauty stuffs in that country later haha
Obviously, It won’t be possible to do that by July or end of my life anyway.
I’ve chosen some of products I want to finish up

dDSC05220 copy.jpg

1st January 2016

Most of them are old or discontinued as I’ve been having them a long time
but I don’t really care about that haha cos it’s powdery things

January Beauty Talk


This is my daily makeup look I’ve been wearing almost every day
Normally I don’t have much time to put my makeup on. I’d rather sleep more
so I tend to do makeup within 15minutes
I don’t want to put lots of glitters  or dark colours to define my eyes on my daily makeup
but still make my eyes pop


Eyeshadow Haul & Makeup Ramblings


I do love drugstore eyeshadows!
as I can try many shades out with affordable price and nowadays even drugstore brands make really good products. In addition, Korean drugstore brands are on sale every month up to 50% depending on the products so I’m happy to live there haha

When it comes to eye shadow , I tend to buy ‘Etude House’ products as they’ve got a wide range of colours, the quality are quite nice compared to price. I feel like they follow makeup trend much faster than other brands do

And then I’ve heard that newly launched ‘Innisfree’s eyeshadows awesome!
so I’ve picked up mineral single shadows in the shade matte number 2, shimmer3, 6 and glitter 3
It’s always difficult to choose some among many shades on the store
I’ve chosen shades which are  easy to go for on daily basis
It’s so pigmented and colour is just so beautiful and the most important thing is that it’s only about £2 on sale price



 Number3 Glitter, number2 Matte, Number 3,6 shimmer by Inisfree
Lady Earlgray by Etude House


One of important thing whenever I put on makeup is contouring nose
It really gives huge difference!
I’ve been using Art Class By Rodin by Too cool for school which are one the left side
It gives very natural definition but I had felt like it’s too yellowy
So I mixed up with my Plum Smoke which is purply matte colour by Laura Mercier
Finally I got the perfect shade for nose contouring!

While shopping today, I found very similar shade with that mixed one in Etude house which is in the shade ‘lady earlgray’ so I had to get it 🙂
I can’t wait for try those I got tomorrow!

4 Jan 2016 – 10 Jan 2016

I’ve been super busy this week 😩
I’ve been taking over the work at company and literally lots of things to do!
In addition, my superior are moving to other department earlier than it was supposed to be. I don’t really have time to learn everything properly 😦

And it’s time to apply for masters program
So I have to write CV and motivation letter things like that
This is very important to me but I’ve got no time recently as I work everyday even weekend 😦

Normally I would post many food photos but I can’t now as I am on a diet hahaha which is one of my new years resolutions. classic!
I’ve been trying to eat healthy food but I know myself very well that I just love foods making me fat. To be honest, Stop eating those food for the last of my life is completely impossible for me so I try to eat just a bit of them if I really really want it

This week has been really productive though
I’ve worked out everyday and read books

Also, I really want to post more on blog!
I’ve got lots of things to talk about beauty, travel and daily life things.
Blog is completely new for me and I had been really enjoying it ever since I’ve started it.
Once I get used to work, I would post more 🙂


I will finish this posting with this lovely fried chicken I had on 31st of December, which is half of snowing cheese (left) and shocking hot(right). That’s just perfect!!!!!!!!!!<3
Snowing cheese is fried chicken covered with cheese powder and Shocking hot is literally super hot as much as my tummy hurts but make hands keep reaching for them

This makes me hungry now!!!!!

GOOD BYE 2015!


Today is the last day of 2015!
It has gone so quickly I suppose
2015 has been the most dynamic year in my life, literally full of adventures!
There has been many achievements I made in this year, including this blog,
so I am very happy with that ❤

Luckily, I am starting to work at laboratory as a lab assistant from the beginning 2016. As always I made some resolutions for the new year.
I won’t tell those in here, but I will post how I achieve those on the blog!

Happy new year!

December Beauty Talk

pIMG%5F1482 copy

On this month, I’ve tried not to buy any cosmetic stuffs. But Obviously I bought some ahaha
the friends who visited the Philippines gave me Guava soap as a souvenir, which is so lovely. Thanks again! And got ‘Manufaktura’s Lip Care Balm’ from an acquaintance. Actually I’ve got the same cherry scent(?) one.
To be honest, I couldn’t find that really helpful to moisturise my lip.
Hope this one would be different. I picked up the sharper to sharpen my Nars lip pencils and got Clinique Mascara, joining an event changing old used mascara to their new one.
I also picked up ‘Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm 16 Velvet Red’ which has been so popular lately. It was really hard to get on online and offline. As soon as I saw 30% discount on the internet, I thought I SHOULD GET IT!!! It’s lovely marsala colour and finish of it is matte and velvety, which is perfect for Autumn.
Last but not the least, I picked up ‘LANEIGE BB Cushion’. ( Laneige is a brand belonged to ‘AMORE PACIFIC’. Actually I purchased it for not myself but my friend. Cushion Foundation was really sensational when it was launched at first. In Korea, literally every Korean girl has cushion foundation because it’s super comfortable and easy to put more outside when makeup fades away as time goes on. I was quite surprised when I noticed Lancome copied it. However, I should admit that the clear disadvantage of it is that it’s unhygienic.
So upgrade version of cushion foundations came out in here. Actually, I had gone through several cushion foundations so far and don’t use it anymore because I found the finish of these tends to be dewy or glossy, which is not my favourite. However, recently a lot of new cushion foundation came out for those who don’t like a dewy finish. I should try those!

pIMG_1478 copy

These are what I am sending for my friend who let me stay her flat when I was in London. The reason why I put the other cushion foundation was that I am not sure how her skin shade and type was so I purchased it just in case. IOPE which belongs to Amore Pacific as well is darker and more moisturising one, compared to Lanige one. Also, Lanige and IOPE are both from the same company so that they can be interconvertible if you have one cushion case.
And Mask sheets and samples I got from buying these.
I wanted to more makeup products. She doesn’t seem that into makeup 😦

Products I’ve used up

pIMG%5F1485 copy

Burberry perfumed body lotion
Well… I used it because I was in my makeup drawer. The scent of it was citrusy and one good thing about this is that It absorbs very quickly

Cell Fusion C papaya granule peels
I LOVE THIS! It’s basically a cleanser removing dead skin cell
It’s super gentle so it doesn’t make me breakouts or something. After using it, my skin is so soft 🙂 I will repurchase it

NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack
As I know, It’s more important to use hair care products often rather than using expensive one when it comes to hair care. Of course, It’d be better to use good expensive products often 🙂

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder – 02
I’ve gone through this one twice. I really liked it and the products itself was really great. Yes, I am a clumsy person so I drop everything a lot and this one is not sturdy enough.

Neutrogena lips labial stick
I forgot to put it in the photo. For me, Lip balm is the one lost a lot like hairbands or umbrellas and start to use the new one and find the lost one again and again so I haven’t used it up completely when it comes to lip beam. I suppose it wasn’t the really good product for me. It just made my lip oily not moisturised.

14 Dec 2015 – 20 Dec 2015


Started this week with cover letter.:(
with Starbucks soy dolce latte venti as always


Christmas is coming!!!!!!




KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-12-18-15-24-02_98Suffering from a huge hangover ahahahaha
I visited my university twice this week to received my diploma and now kinda regret that I didn’t do my best when I was a student. One of my friends who had been taking courses at last among us finished her semester today (Thursday)
we all finished our study in university so now I feel like becoming a real adult. Btw, I am super lucky to be a Korean
cos super delicious and spicy foods we’ve got.
The weather is getting cold, it’s just perfect weather to eat hot spicy soup ❤

pCYMERA_20151217_162128 copy

I feel like I tend to concentrate more on studying thanks to my new lovely Macbook air. A few days ago, I found really nice programme I want to apply for. I sincerely hope to get a chance to join

Reading Harry Potter is still going on 🙂
I will finish it before Christmas

This week has gone so fast! I can’t believe I’ve got only 2weeks in 2015
In Korea, we have our own way to calculate age so I am going to be 25 next year, which is half 50. Seriously?
I don’t want to be get older anymore 😦
But I believe next year is going to be the most exciting year in my entire life ❤